Couple Plans

The Healthy Smiles Couple Dental Plan is specially designed for couples who want to obtain excellent dental care without having to pay outrageous fees. Not quite at the family level, but not individuals either, Couples will benefit from this unique membership plan. Couples that use our Healthy Smiles Dental Plan are more likely to maintain a consistent, healthy dental regimen because they aren’t paying high fees that are usually associated with dental care.

Healthy Smiles is excited to provide the Couple Membership Plan because we strongly believe in the value a healthy smile brings to everyone’s life.

The Couple Membership Plan’s annual membership fee and per-visit patient co-pays include:

  • Two general hygiene visits per 12 month period*
  • Examinations
  • X-rays
  • Supplies
  • General cleaning
  • No maximum
  • No waiting period
  • No pre-existing clause
  • Affordable annual membership

Healthy Smiles Couple Membership Fee:

$129 per year

Co-Pay Per Patient/Per Visit

Discounts on Treatment

We offer all other dental treatments such as cosmetic treatments, preventative care, and restoration.

Sample savings chart

See Full Fee Schedule for additional savings.

* During a regular visit, if periodontal disease is discovered, it may require a periodontal fee

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